September 24, 2015
Glimpses of green
November 14, 2015

Maintenance and pruning


We take care of your green space throughout the year , taking care of the cutting of the grass , plant health care , nutrition , pruning of trees and bushes , the good order of the flower beds .As for the defense from diseases , insects and pests we use natural products – the same used in organic farming – in full respect of nature and , above all , people .



Making unsafe felling of trees and large and small pruning , both of fruiting plants and ornamental , traditional method or with use of aerial platforms cartloads or crawler .All operations are carried out by qualified personnel with multi-year experience in compliance with current accident prevention regulations . There is also the possibility of disposing of twigs using a special machine biotrituratrice redeploying so the shredded material as mulch or fertilizer


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